On top of a city was the statue of the prince happy, all overlaid with gold, had two
bright sapphires for eyes and a large ruby in hissword. Winter was approaching and all
the swallows had flown to Egypt at least one that decided to stay longer and for those
night went and took shelter under the statue of the Happy Prince. Beingready to
sleep, a drop fell on her, when she looked around, discovered that the prince’s eyes
were full of tears. The swallow asked why he wept, and he said that where he was, he
could see allthe sadness and poverty that existed in his city. The princes asked to
swallow if she could take one of the sapphire to a seamstress who did not have to eat.
The next night asked to carry the othersapphire. The night after the statue again asked
to swallow if she could take another sapphire to other poor person eventually the
swallow carries every piece of gold and sapphires to all thepoor people of the city. On
a winter night when the bird died the heart of the prince who was made of lead, broke
in two. When this happen the statue lost all his beauty, people no longer liked thestatue then they decided melted, but the only part that could not be melt was his
heart and people threw the heart on a heap of dust where the swallow lay.
God said to one of his angels, bring methe two most valuable things that this city
haves and the angel brought the leaden heart and the dead bird. Good choose god`s


1. How were the eyes of the prince happy?
RTA:/They were two bright sapphires.
2. Where was located the statue?
RTA:/ High above the city.
3. What was the sword of the prince?
RTA:/ A large ruby.
4. Where the swallows flew?
RTA:/ In Egypt.5. Who helped the prince to give a little bit of happiness?
RTA:/ The swallow.
6. I seek refuge in the swallow?
RTA:/ In the statue of the prince.
7. What I ask the bird to prince?
RTA:/ What…

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